7.62x39 UPPERS

Every 7.62x39mm upper we sell can be configured to your specifications. Customize your 7.62x39 Complete Upper with an optic, muzzle device, rail, bolt carrier group, magazine, or charging handle from our matched selection. Your 7.62x39 AR 15 Upper Receiver will arrive turn-key and ready to shoot out of the box.

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The high availability of military surplus 7.62x39 ammunition make it an economical choice for hunting and plinking. Despite being cheap, 7.62x39 is highly effective for both pistol and rifle builds.

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7.62x39 Uppers For Sale

What is the 7.62x39 Upper Receiver?

The 7.62x39 upper receiver brings the Russian 7.62x39 (AK47) ammunition to the AR15 platform. 7.62x39 is available worldwide, relatively inexpensive, and reasonably high performing. Although we do not recommend the steel cased variety, having a 7.62x39 upper in your arsenal is a great way to ensure you will always have access to ammunition.

What is the effective range of the 7.62x39 upper receiver?

The effective range of a 7.62x39 upper receiver on an AR platform is 200 yards. Shots out to 400 yards are possible, but the bullet drop becomes pretty extreme.

What is the main benefit of owning a 7.62x39 upper receiver paired with an AR-15 platform?

You might be thinking, well, it doesn’t go very far, it’s not great for hunting, and it’s old. That may be true, but it is the most popular rifle round in the world by some distance thanks to the AK47. The main benefit to owning the 7.62x39 upper receiver is lower ammunition expense, which means more fun per dollar. And the peace of mind that there will alway be ammo available.

What BCG do I use with a 7.62x39 Upper?

7.62x39 Uppers require a 7.62x39 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG).

What Magazine do I use with a 7.62x39 Upper?

7.62x39 Uppers require a 7.62x39 Magazine.

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