12.7x42 UPPERS

Every 12.7x42mm Upper we sell can be configured to your specifications. Customize your 12.7x42 Complete Upper with an optic, muzzle device, rail, bolt carrier group, magazine, or charging handle from our matched selection. Your 12.7x42 AR 15 Upper Receiver will arrive turn-key and ready to shoot out of the box.

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12.7x42mm (also called 50 Beowulf) is the largest caliber available for the AR15 and it has the take-down power for deer, moose, elk, and black bear inside 150 yards. For close quarters combat, the 400-600 grain projectile has extraordinary terminal power.

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12.7x42mm Uppers For Sale

What Are 12.7x42 Uppers?

A 12.7x42 Upper is the name given to the upper receiver assembly of an AR15 chambered for 12.7x42mm ammunition. The trademark name for 12.7x42 is 50 BEOWULF, and the two mean the same thing.

How Do 12.7x42 Upper Receivers Compare to Other Ammo Used on the AR-15 Platform?

Due to its exceptional stopping power and terminal ballistics (i.e, the behavior of the round after it has hit the target), the 12.7x42 upper receiver allows your AR-15 rifle to be used to hunt larger game and makes it ideal for personal defense.

What Kind of Recoil Does a 12.7x42 Upper Produce?

Unlike other 50 caliber rounds, the 12.7x42 produces a much lower recoil rate around 29-32 ft-lb or 39 to 43J. This lower recoil makes it a favourable option for hunters, or those who may choose large-caliber rounds for home defence.

What is the Effective Range of 12.7x42 Uppers?

Despite the large caliber nature of the rounds, the 12.7x42 upper is highly effective and accurate at an effective range of between 100 and 200 yards.

Is the 12.7x42 Upper Good to Use as a Hunting Rifle?

Given it’s low recoil rate, the 12.7x42 offers fantastic stability when fired from a stationary position, like a hunting blind. However, it is still a large-caliber round, meaning you might be left with a larger hole through your target than you would like. Whether or not a 12.7x42 Upper is a good rifle for hunting will depend on what you’re hunting.

What BCG do I use with a 12.7x42 Upper?

Most 12.7x42 Uppers use a 6.5 Grendel Type 2 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), although some manufacturers use the 6.5 Grendel Type 1 (7.62x39) BCG.

What Magazine do I use with a 12.7x42 Uppers?

A 50 Beowulf Magazine is strongly recommended for use with a 12.7x42 Upper.

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