Every 204 RUGER Upper we sell can be configured to your specifications. Customize your .204 RUGER Complete Upper with an optic, muzzle device, rail, bolt carrier group, magazine, or charging handle from our matched selection. Your 204 RUGER AR 15 Upper Receiver will arrive turn-key and ready to shoot out of the box.

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204 RUGER offers the second highest muzzle velocity (4200fps) available on the AR15 platform. The .204 RUGER cartridge is very accurate and efficient, producing consistent 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards, and a 270 yard point blank range. The small caliber, light projectile, and low recoil make the 204 RUGER an ideal varmint round.

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.204 RUGER Uppers For Sale

What are 204 Ruger Uppers?

204 Ruger Uppers are upper receivers compatible with .204 ammunition and the AR-15 rifle platform. One of the distinct advantages of the ammunition is that its small caliber and high muzzle velocity make it an ideal varmint hunting round.

What is the Effective Range of the 204 Ruger Upper?

The effective range of 204 Ruger Upper is approximately 500 yards, making it a fantastic choice for varmint hunting, especially when paired with a high quality scope.

What Makes 204 Ruger Uppers Such a Good Weapon for Varmint Hunting?

Varmint hunting requires accuracy and speed, due to the smaller size and quickness of the target. A 204 Ruger upper achieves this with less wind drift, faster flight time and less arcing (the rounds fly flatter) than your traditional .223 or 22-250 rounds.

What is the Muzzle Velocity of a 204 Ruger Upper?

The muzzle velocity of a 204 Ruger Upper receiver is 4200 feet per second, making it the second-highest muzzle velocity available on the AR-15 platform. This extremely high muzzle velocity combined with high BC bullets make 204 Ruger uppers exceptionally accurate.

What is the Minute Angle of a 204 Ruger Upper?

The 204 Ruger Upper receiver is capable of delivering a ½ MOA (minute of angle) at 100 yards and can hit targets with incredible accuracy at 270 yards, as though they were point-blank shots. Of course, MOA isn’t just determined by the rifle, but the shooter, too.

Why is the Smaller Caliber of the 204 Ruger Upper an Advantage?

Shooting small game requires a small caliber round to minimize damage. The greater susceptibility to wind drift is compensated by the high muzzle velocity of 204 Ruger ammo.

What BCG do I use with a 204 Ruger Upper?

204 Ruger Uppers use the standard 223/556 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG).

What Magazine do I use with a 204 Ruger Upper?

204 Ruger Uppers use the standard 223/556 Magazine.

What customization options are available for the 22 ARC Complete Upper?

Customers can customize their 22 ARC Complete Upper with options such as optics, muzzle devices, rails, bolt carrier groups, magazines, and charging handles from a matched selection.

What distinguishes the 22 ARC AR 15 Upper Receiver from others?

The 22 ARC AR 15 Upper Receiver offers turn-key readiness, arriving fully assembled and configured to shoot straight out of the box.

What unique advantage does the 22 ARC bring to the AR15 platform?

The 22 ARC introduces the performance of the 22-250 cartridge to the AR15, utilizing modern, high-ballistic coefficient bullets and a specially designed cartridge and chamber for consistent accuracy and an exceptional shooting experience.