223 WYLDE / 556 NATO UPPERS (AR15)

223 Wylde & 556 NATO AR15 Upper Assembly / 223 Wylde & 556 NATO Complete Upper for AR15

The 223 Remington and 556 NATO (5.56x45) cartridges are very similar.  The 223 Wylde chamber was developed to reliably fire both rounds with the highest possible accuracy (223 Remington ammo can be used in 556 NATO barrels). Both rounds maintain supersonic speed beyond 500 yards and equal the accuracy of the benchmark M1 Carbine / M2 30-06 Springfield combination.  The 556 NATO cartridge is designed as a lighter alternative to the 7.62x51 NATO that maintains the capability of penetrating 0.135" steel at 500 yards

AR15Parts.com components are sourced from top US manufacturers including Aero Precision, Anderson Manufacturing, Shaw Barrels, Swan Machine, Wilson Arms, Wilson Combat, ZRO Delta, and others. Each upper assembly has options to select Rail, Muzzle Device, Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), Charging Handle, and Magazine. Additional parts are available individually on our website.

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