Every 308 upper we sell can be configured to your specifications. Available in both DPMS (LR308) and Aero Precision M5 (AR10) patterns, customize your AR308 complete upper with an optic, muzzle device, rail, bolt carrier group, magazine, or charging handle from our matched selection. Your .308 WIN AR 10 Upper Receiver will arrive turn-key and ready to shoot out of the box.

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.308 Winchester may be the most popular hunting ammo in the world and has become the most popular caliber for the AR-10 platform. The civilian version of 7.62x51mm NATO, Its range and take-down power make it an excellent match for most medium and large-game hunts.

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.308 WIN Uppers For Sale

What are 308 Winchester Upper Receivers?

308 Winchester Upper Receivers are standard issue on AR-10 / LR308 platform rifles. Also known as 7.62x51 NATO, 308 WIN is among the most popular ammunition in the world. Upgrading your AR10 / LR308 to a higher quality 308 WIN upper assembly can yield significant gains in accuracy and effectiveness.


What is the Effective Range of a 308 Winchester Upper Receiver?

The maximum effective range of a 308 Winchester Upper Receiver is between 700 and 1000 yards. The muzzle velocity is between 2500 and 2800 feet per second, making it an optimal mid to long-range hunting rifle.

What is the Recoil of a 308 Winchester Upper Receiver?

The average recoil of a 308 Winchester Upper Receiver is around 16-17 ft-lbs. For a 120-140gr projectile with a 1000 yard range, this is quite reasonable. Compared to 5-6 foot-pounds for 556 NATO, however, the recoil will be more noticible.

Will the 308 Winchester Upper fit my Lower?

Unlike AR15, the AR10/LR308 platform is not standardized, so not every upper will fit every lower. We offer 308 Winchester uppers with either DPMS Gen 1 or Aero Precision M5 Upper Receivers. This covers the vast majority of lowers, but there are some exceptions so if you have any questions, contact our support team at 866.706.0633 or [email protected].

What BCG and Magazine do I Need for a 308 Winchester Upper?

The 308 Winchester Upper Receiver uses the standard 308 WIN Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) and the standard 308 WIN / 7.62x51 NATO Magazine. So, swap out the Upper and load 308 Winchester ammo and you are ready to go.